About CRS

About Us

Support to Religious Men and Women of Canada (SRC) is a collaborative ministry created in 2008 as a non-profit civil society and received the status of public legal person under pontifical law in 2010.

As described in the canonical statutes, the object of SRC, through its collaborative and administrative services, is to support, by various practical means, the institutes of consecrated life and the societies of apostolic life which call upon its services.

SRC helps in several ways: Manage and protect its ecclesiastical fixed assets and ensure their proper administration in accordance with canon law and civil law;

Provide personal care programs and member services; Accept the property rights of ecclesiastical fixed assets when the Institution wishes to dispose of the property in accordance with the provisions of canon law;

When appropriate, accept governance responsibilities for some or all of the ministries in health care, education and religious and social services for which the Institution is responsible;

With the consent of the diocesan bishop, and if this is legitimate, agree to sponsor a ministry of the Institution. Our people Support for Religious Members of Canada (SRC) is managed by a director general and a board of directors, who are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the organization.

Executive Director

Joanne Yelle-Weatherall

Board of directors

Sister Anne Lewans, OSU, President

Sister Brenda Phelan, RSM, vice-president

Fr. Chris Pulchny, OMI, Secretary-Treasurer

Mr. Aurèle Foidart

Sr. Rita Larivée, SSA

Fr. Frank Morrisey, OMI

Fr. Alain Rodrigue, CMM

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